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Safari choices

animals you may see

  • Elephant

  • Leopard

  • Sloth Bear

  • Sambar Bear

  • Mouse-Deer

  • Barking-Deer

  • Wild Boar

  • Porcupine

  • Anteater

  • Civet Cat

  • Loris

  • Giant Squirrel

  • Monkeys Galore

These are just the on-land animals; there’s even more to see in the sea! Surrounding the island, there’s an equally impressive coast where you can whale watch. Some of the whale-watching centres, such as Mirissa, are very busy and have given rise to fears that the whales are being driven away. The areas around Trincomalee are much better. If you need more to think about, click here.

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There is a lot to choose from when you choose the safari option as part of your Sri Lanka holiday.