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We don’t sell flights. There are many ways of arranging this yourself, and it will usually save you money. Companies compete fiercely on price to get your business, and it’s worth looking at the airlines’ websites which often have deals available direct to the traveller. There are links to airline websites. We are partnered with the guys at Cheapflights - one of the biggest providers, who pride themselves on getting the best price for every flight. Click Cheapflights to link with them.

Be wary of tour companies which include flights. These may have been purchased at prices higher than you could obtain yourself and then had a profit added, and this is all “wrapped up” in the price they charge for the package.


You will need a visitor visa to cover the time you are with us in Sri Lanka. You can arrange this online yourself on this visa application website, but if you need any help, just let us know and we’ll be able to arrange it from Sri Lanka.


You can find out more about Sri Dream transport.

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